Holocaust denied again – Haverbeck has to go back to prison

A few months after her release from , Ursula has to start another prison sentence. The 92-year-old is undoing an online video in which she again denies the . The court has already lost all hope of insight. The 92-year-old denier Ursula has been sentenced to another prison term by a Berlin court. The Tiergarten District Court imposed a one-year prison sentence without parole. The trial concerned an online video in which claims that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp and that six million people were not killed in the Holocaust. The accused had “ and played down Nazi crimes” and did so in a way “that is likely to disturb the public peace,” said the presiding judge in support of the verdict. The 92-year-old was only released from prison in October 2020. In August 2017, the Verden district court sentenced her to eight incidents of incitement to a prison term of two years without parole.

Haverbeck made the new remarks about the Holocaust in a video with a right-wing extremist activist who asked her about the reason for her imprisonment. The prosecution demanded a year and three months in prison during the trial. Haverbeck’s lawyer, who has represented right-wing extremist clients for decades, argued that the 92-year-old was not aware that the video should be published. She only wanted to explain why she was convicted in 2017.

“Mocking the Holocaust Victims”

The court did not obey. Haverbeck’s statements represented “a mockery of the victims”, she was concerned with the “dissemination and reinforcement of National Socialist ideas”, and the denial and trivialization were public. In the video, both Haverbeck and the right-wing extremist activist repeatedly addressed the audience directly. It is therefore obvious that the video was intended for publication and that the convict was also aware of it. Haverbeck’s old age was also taken into account in the verdict, said the presiding judge. The multiple pertinent prejudice could no longer be brought to a change in behavior by punishment, she was “irredeemably lost”. In this case, the prison sentence is not aimed at re-education, but rather to “sanction misconduct,” said the judge. Haverbeck himself stayed away from the verdict.

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