“I’m transgender” – Ellen Page is now called Elliot Page

Elliot Page - "I'm transgender" - Ellen Page is now called Elliot Page
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In 2007, celebrated her breakthrough as a pregnant tea girl in “Juno”. Seven years later, the US actress made public that she was lesbian at a conference. Now she comes out again and announces on social media that she is now called Elliot and that she is a man. At a conference of the “Human Rights Campaign” Ellen made her homosexuality public 13 years ago. At the time she said she was tired of hiding. Nothing has changed to this day. After she married the dancer Emma Portner almost three years ago, she now announces that she wants to live as a man from now on. “I would like to let you know that I am , my name is Elliot,” wrote Page in a statement published on Instagram and Twitter. The accounts are already running under this name. The text further states that Page would like to be addressed with “he” (er) or “they” (gender-neutral pronoun) in the future. continues: “I feel so happy to write this, to be here, to have reached this point in my life.” The 33-year-old thanks the “incredible people” who supported him on his journey. “I love that I’m queer” His joy is real, but also fragile. “The truth is that although I feel deeply happy right now and know how many privileges I have in me, I am also afraid”. Fear of hatred, “jokes” and violence. “The statistics are staggering. Discrimination against transgender people is widespread, insidious and cruel, with dire consequences.” Suicide attempts and murders of transgender people serve him as terrifying examples. “I love that I’m trans. And I love that I’m queer. And the more I hug myself tightly and hug myself for who I am, the more I dream, the more my heart grows and the more I am thriving “, Page continues in the long text. He wants to do everything to change the world for the better. Meanwhile, numerous followers have commented on the post on Instagram, including singer Miley Cyrus, who writes: “Elliot rules”, supplemented by several black heart emojis. Fellow actress Ruby Rose expresses her affection and support by saying “love love love you!” out. And Page’s wife Emma Portner writes: “I love you so much, Elliot!”

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