Injured in confrontation – US police officer dies after storming the Capitol – today – 20-1


capitol police us - Injured in confrontation - US police officer dies after storming the Capitol - today - 20-1
Unprecedented scenes take place at the Parliament seat. Supporters of the elected President Donald Trump storm the . Four people die and several are . One day after the riot, a died from his injuries. A policeman injured in the rioting at the headquarters of the US Congress has died. This was announced by the department responsible for protecting the in Washington. The officer reportedly returned to his unit’s office after being injured in the confrontations with the rioters. There he collapsed and was hospitalized, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Biden on the Capitol “One of the Darkest Days in US History”

After Trump supporters entered, a woman was shot in the US Capitol and died a little later, as the chief of police in the US capital, Robert Contee, said. In addition, three other deaths have been reported in the area around the Capitol, all from various medical emergencies. A few hours after the storm on the Capitol, the chief of the police there, Steven Sund, had already announced his resignation. The Capitol Police were accused of not being adequately prepared for the onslaught of the violent mob. Four people were killed in some unexplained circumstances. House chairwoman Nancy Pelosi had called for Sund’s resignation.

The head of the Capitol Police Department announced on Thursday that the violent attack was unlike anything he had experienced in his 30 years as a police officer in Washington. Given the situation, his police officers acted “heroically”. Sund had announced an in-depth investigation into the incident and security plans. Videos and photos showed Trump supporters overrun the Capitol Police, smashing doors and windows, and posing for pictures in the boardroom and MPs. Only a few hours later they were pushed out of the building by a large number of security forces. Some of the offices were left behind. There were more than 50 arrests, 30 of them for violating an evening curfew.

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