Royals soon on Spotify – Prince Harry and Meghan make podcasts – today 20-1

Harry Meghan - Royals soon on Spotify - Prince Harry and Meghan make podcasts - today 20-1
Foto: picture alliance/dpa/PA Wire
The royal couple recently signed a deal with Netflix. Now the next big buyer follows – namely the Swedish audio giant . and Brand are to produce there in the future. A special episode will appear in 2020. Do you want to sit behind the microphone yourself? Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will produce in the future. The couple signed a corresponding contract with Spotify, as the audio streaming service has now announced. The royal couple want to tell “uplifting and entertaining stories”. Since retiring from the frontline of British royalty, Harry and Meghan have launched several creative projects. “What we love about is that it reminds us all to take a moment and really listen,” shared the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. “With the challenges of 2020, there has never been a more important time to do this. Because listening to each other and hearing each other’s stories reminds us how much we are all connected.” The are said to be produced by Archewell Audio, the couple’s recently founded company.

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A special holiday episode is to appear in 2020, moderated by Harry and Meghan personally. Further episodes are planned for the coming year, including with guests who have not yet been announced. The podcast is free. Spotify’s shares, which currently has 144 million subscribers, rose two percent the morning after the collaboration was announced. Prince Harry and the former US actress got married in May 2018. In late March, the couple moved to California and resigned from royal family duties. The Queen’s grandson later blamed the media pressure on himself and his wife for this decision. In September the couple signed a contract with the US platform Netflix to produce “impressive” films and series. The former actress Markle meanwhile dubbed an animal documentary for the streaming service Disney +.