Today – India builds bridges for animals only

How do you get to cross a street – without being run over? A forest authority in the Indian state of Uttarakhand in the Himalayas has found an answer and recently built a bridge made of jute ropes and bamboo planks over a busy highway that leads through a jungle. The forest authority hopes that the will soon use the bridge. In order to make the bridge as palatable to the as possible, the employees try to adapt it to the ecosystem as much as possible – by equipping it with grass, moss and climbing plants. The forest authority hopes that the 27-meter-long, 1.5-meter-wide and 12-meter-high bridge will attract particularly small such as lizards and porcupines, which drivers can see much more poorly and which are often run over. While the authority is still experimenting with the planting, the bridge has already become a sight for passing motorists.

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